May 12, 2020


Below you will find info on how to fix most common issues you will face with our service.

Trouble Logging In

If this is your first time trying to log into the app, 99% of the time the issue is because you are putting in the wrong login info. Double check the username and password that was sent to you and make sure you are entering it exactly as shown. No spaces and it is case sensitive. Also double check the Capital letter i and lowercase letter L as they look similar when typed. ( as does a capital letter O and a zero )

If this is not your first time signing in and/or you have double checked your login details, 95% of the time the issue is that your account is expired and you need to renew.

If your positive that your login details are correct and your account is not expired, then it is possible the service is down or having issues. Go to the facebook group, and check to see if there is a new post about service issues. Also check the support post to see if others have posted about the same issue which would let you know there is service wide issues.

Audio Lagging Video

This is a quite common issue that has several different steps you can take to fix the issue. First, goto your firestick home screen and click on settings. Next click Display and Sounds and then select Audio. Under surround sound, change the setting to stereo. If this does not fix the lagging audio issue then the next step is to switch to VLC player while watching the channel. If issue persists then you can use the audio delay setting within VLC to manually adjust and sync the audio yourself or you can simply try on of our other apps.


The overwhelming majority of the time you experience buffering, it is due to your internet or device. On the rare occasion that you experience buffering on just 1 or 2 channels, then yes, it is possible its the source of those channels having issues and you will have to just wait it out for them to be fixed.

General Steps for all issues

The following things can be done to solve most any issue you encounter.

1. Refresh channels or refresh the guide. (JLTv Streamers Only)
Click on 3 dots (on top right or by pressing 3 lines on remote) and scroll to refresh channels.

2. Go to firestick home page and click settings. Click Applications. Click manage installed applcations. Scroll down to the JLTv Streamers (LTQ, XCL, Tivimate and Choice) app and click it. Click clear cache, then click clear data (twice) , then click force stop. Finally relaunch app and Relogin. Clearing requires ReDoing Settings, Favorites.

3. Rebooting your modem/router. Also if using wifi, check your wifi network on your device and see if your connected to your routers 2.4 or 5ghz channel. Switching to the other one can help.

4.Uninstall and then re-install the app.

5. We have 4 apps available sometimes there is an issue with one but the others work so you can try switching apps.