December 28, 2019

Roku Install

To use the Jess Lee’s Tv service on your Roku device, you will have to sideload our app. To do this requires a few technical tasks but overall is an easy process. You will need access to your Roku device as well as a computer to complete the tasks required.

**Note – App is still in development. If you have issues with no sound for movies, from your Roku main dashboard go to settings then audio then HDMI and change it to dolby digital.**

Part 1 : Enable Developer Mode on your Roku Device

Enabling developer mode starts by pressing a particular sequence of buttons on the official Roku remote (not the remote app on your phone.) In order, press:

  • Home three times, then
  • Up two times, then
  • Right once, then
  • Left once, then
  • Right once, then
  • Left once, then
  • Right once.

Do all that and you should see the Developer secret screen:

Write down the IP address and the username as shown on your Tv screen, because you’re going to need them later. Once you’ve got that information, select “Enable installer and restart,” then hit “OK” on your remote. You’ll be asked if you agree with the SKD License Agreement:

Click “I Agree,” then you’ll be asked to pick a development webserver password.

Take note of the password you set, ideally in the same place you took note of your IP address and username earlier. Your Roku will now restart. Once it’s booted, you can access Developer Mode.

Part 2: Accessing Developer Mode

On a computer connected to the same network as your Roku device, download our Roku App by clicking here or copy and paste url on to Firefox browser. Next, paste the IP address you wrote down earlier in the URL bar of your browser, then hit Enter, and you’ll be asked for your username and password.

Remember these? Enter them, then click “Log in,” and your browser will open developer mode.

Part 3: Uploading Our App to your Roku Device
Your browser has now opened the Development Application installer.

Click the “Upload” button, then point your browser toward where ever you saved our Apps ZIP file.

The file name should be beside the “Upload” button.

Click “Install” and the installation process will begin. When its done, our app will instantly open on the Roku.

Use code 0525 then type your given Username and Password.